Notice of Privacy Policy


All capitalized terms used herein shall have the meaning ascribed to them in the Offer to Purchase between Webb’s Ford Ltd. (Dealer) and the Purchaser.

The Dealer may use the Purchaser’s personal information for the following purposes:

(a) To identify the Purchaser;

(b) To answer the Purchaser’s queries;

(c) To deliver the Motor Vehicle to the Purchaser;

(d) To contact the Purchaser with respect to servicing and maintenance of the Motor Vehicle;

(e) To collect a debt or enforce an obligation owed by the Purchaser;

(f) In accordance with the Dealer’s rights and to fulfill the Dealer’s obligations under any dealer


(g) If the Motor Vehicle is being leased or financed:

(i) To determine the Purchaser’s initial and ongoing creditworthiness and employment; and

(ii) To register its security, if any, in the Motor Vehicle;

(h) To meet legal and/or regulatory requirements; and

(i) As otherwise permitted by the law.

The Dealer may disclose and transmit any personal information that it retains about the Purchaser in the following


(a) with the Purchaser’s consent;

(b) when the Dealer sells all or any part of its businesses or when it is considering such transactions;

(c) to suppliers, insurers, or transport companies in order to facilitate the delivery or conveyance of the Motor Vehicle to the Purchaser;

(d) in response to a court order, search warrant or other legal demand or request, which the Dealer believes to be valid;

(e) to meet requests for information from regulators or to satisfy legal and regulatory requirements applicable to the Dealer;

(f) to collection agencies, lawyers, and other entities to help the Dealer collect a debt or enforce an obligation owed to it by the Purchaser;

(g) If the Motor Vehicle is being leased or financed:

(i) to the Personal Property Registry to register the Dealer’s security, if any, in the Motor Vehicle;

(ii) to banks or finance companies to inquire about the availability of credit or to facilitate the

provision thereof;

(iii) to credit reporting agencies for the determination of the Purchaser’s creditworthiness and for continual monitoring of the Purchaser’s creditworthiness; and

(iv) to the Purchaser’s employer during the course of investigating the Purchaser’s employment

history; and

(h) where otherwise permitted by law.


The Purchaser acknowledges that the Dealer will be collecting personal information, as defined by the Personal

Information Protection and Electronics Documents Act or other similar legislation, from the Purchaser. The

Purchaser hereby consents to the collection, use, maintenance, disclosure, and transmission of his, her, or their

personal information for the purposes and to the entities outlined in the foregoing Privacy Policy.

Ask us if you would like more information about our Privacy Policy, including our service providers and their data processing in the U.S., which may be accessible to U.S law enforcement and national security authorities.

We provide this personal and transaction information to Ford Motor Company of Canada, Limited to enable Ford to administer your transaction, provide you with requested services, improve automotive related products and services by conducting customer surveys, and provide you with marketing material which may be of interest to you, as permitted by applicable laws. For the Ford Privacy Policy ( including use of service providers and U.S. data storage or if you do not want to receive marketing or survey materials from Ford please call 1-800-565-FORD (3673).

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