Should I Buy Or Lease My Ford?

Should I Buy Or Lease My Ford?

A lot of people are confused when it comes to making the decision to buy or lease their new Ford. Here is a quick questionnaire to give you a better idea which is the best decision for you.

  • Do you like the idea of ownership? YES / NO
  • Do you want longer term monthly payments? YES / NO
  • Do you expect lifestyle / business changes in the near future? YES / NO
  • Do you have a large down payment to put down? YES / NO
  • Do you want to keep the same vehicle for a longer period of time? YES / NO
  • Do you like having a lower insurance rate? YES / NO
  • Do mileage restriction cause concern for you? YES / NO
  • Do you have good credit? YES / NO
  • Are you wanting to gain equity? YES / NO

If you answered mostly NO, then leasing seems to be something that would suit you better. With leasing a car the big advantages of leasing include less money invested up front, lower monthly payments, and protection against excessive depreciation. But with leasing you will not own your vehicle and you are only allowed a certain amount of KM a year. So make sure you put this into account.

If you answered mostly YES, then financing seems to be the better option for you. Financing enables you to buy a better car then you could otherwise afford. Taking out a car loan also means you can spread the cost over a long period of time, which in turn makes your car much easier to pay for. Also there are no limits on you or your KM and your insurance rate is usually lower. However, you will be responsible for all repairs after the warranty expires and the depreciation of the vehicle also should be considered.

Here at Webb’s Ford we want you to make the best decision based on your needs. Whether you choose to buy or lease we understand that both are a big decision and we are here to help you find your perfect Ford to suit your needs. Browse our inventory for all the Ford’s you can choose from for whatever you decide.

Leasing Vs. FinancingLeasingFinancing
OwnershipYou pay to use the vehicle during the term of the lease and must return it at lease-end unless you choose to purchase the vehicle.You own the vehicle free and clear after your financial obligations are met. It will be yours to keep or trade-in on your next vehicle.
PaymentMonthly lease payments may be lower than comparable term monthly finance payments because you are paying for the portion of the vehicle’s value used during the lease term.Monthly loan payments may be higher than comparable term monthly lease payments because you pay for the entire purchase price of the vehicle. Each payment helps build vehicle equity toward future trade-in. A bi-weekly payment schedule is also available if you prefer a lower payment every two weeks.
CustomizationCustomize your vehicle through your Dealer at the beginning of your lease with approved accessories.Customize your vehicle at any time.
KilometresYou have a variety of kilometre / year options to choose from at the beginning of your lease to meet your driving needs. You are responsible for any excess kilometre charges unless you choose to purchase the vehicle.You may drive as many kilometres as you want. However, higher kilometres will lower the vehicle’s trade-in or resale value.
Wear and TearA normal amount of wear and tear is covered. You are responsible for wear and tear in excess of normal limits unless you choose to purchase the vehicle.There are no charges for vehicle wear and tear. Excessive wear will lower the vehicle’s trade-in or resale value.
End Of TermAt the end of the lease, you have the flexibility to either purchase your leased vehicle at a predetermined price or return it.At the end of the loan, you own the vehicle. It is yours to keep or trade-in on your next vehicle.